If your looking for a great solution to saving your trees from tree disease or simply interested in keeping your landscape health year round we have the answer. Our Arbor Team is one of the leading provider in Irving TX and Dallas county to preventing and combatting tree disease and healing sick trees. We understand that your trees are the biggest investment on your landscape and bring great value to the over all worth of your homestead or business property. We have been treating sick trees in Irving, TX for the past 25 years. 

Champion Arbor Care has the experience and state certified master arborist licensed with the TDA Texas department of agriculture. Lets us help you with your priceless plantation your in good hands!    

Hypoxylon Canker

This disease can be devastating and contagious. It also can be confused for other tree disease out there. In North Texas it is a common disease that penetrates the tree’s vascular system and can internally damage the tree more than anything. When the vascular system has been exposed it’s not a good sign for the tree for many reasons. The leading causes that will appear on tree are dry and dying branches and limbs, bark turning a other color, and simply tree withering away slowly. These are all leading effects of hypoxylon canker on the trees. When your trees are penetrated by this disease it can cause your other plantations to be infested by the disease. If experiencing any of these symptoms please give us a call today to cure your trees.

Oak Wilt

The deadly highly contagious oak wilt is a disease that is only penetrated from the inside out. This disease operates and disperses throughout the whole inside of the oak tree. The leading causes of this happening is from improper trimming of tree, exposed the vascular system in some sort of way simply. Unfortunately that this only happens to oak trees but knowing the oak tree and how social the tree is they spread their roots and connect with other oak trees or plantations that may be there to connect with. This can be detrimental to your plantation and cause a devastating aftermath. A sap eating beetle is behind the works and penetrates the trees water supply and vitally dehydrates the tree tremendously to the point where it’s drying up and dying. Call us today or get your free instant quote now!

Dutch Elms

This fungus is a disease transmitted by a flock of beetles that integrate within the root system of the tree. These bark beetles are deadly and mat within the bark and roots of the tree to spread more and kill the tree. The adult female beetles come in different kinds but are all categorized in the elm bark beetle in general.  This female lays eggs within the tree’s vascular system and implements poison and causes the tree to dye inside out. Certain trees create a protection/ barrier to help stop the disease to disperse everywhere this is called tyloses. The process of this is a reaction where certain trees create a way to try to stop the bark beetle from penetrating and killing it. If this isn’t stopped in a certain time limit the tree can die and wilt away. If in need of treatments call us today now!

Tree Fungus

The tree fungus is a disease where it grabs ahold of the root, vascular, and trunk system. It causes a number of things for example, decay of wood or inside out, kills roots, and simply just destroys the inside of the tree. These number of devastating things can lead up to loss of tree, tree failure these just to name a few. These processes can be very quick and kill your tree in a matter of days, weeks. We have a treatment that can diagnose your tree quickly and work faster than the disease taking over your trees life. Our system is set in place to kill and destroy the disease that is weakening your trees immune system. Call us today to get your free instant quote now or contact us through our contact us page to receive more inside of what to down with your tree disease.

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