Tree Trimming & Pruning

Champion arbor care is a leading provider of tree service in Irving Texas. Our staff is ISA certified by the international Society of arboriculture. Whenever taking your trees into consideration for a tree surgery job better known as tree trimming or pruning. There are several factors you need to take into mind. Is your tree service in Irving Texas certified by the state to perform tree surgery? Trimming your trees without proper protocol is disastrous and could hurt the trees growth pattern. We follow a strict standard laid out by the ISA called ANSI – A300 protocol. This ensures that your trees are being pruned in a professional and adequate standard. Give us a call today to schedule your next tree trimming project.



Tree Disease Treatment

Tree disease has taken the lives of an overwhelming statistic in urban area trees and shrubbery in North Texas this past decade. Champion arbor care is a tree service Irving company but we specializes in sick trees, tree disease, and diagnosing your unhealthy trees for treatment. Could be a soil lack of minerals, or tree disease to include oak Wilt, rot root, hypoxylon canker just to name a few. We have the right remedy and treatment for any type of tree sickness on your property. Either through tree injections for nutrients and insect infestation that requires pesticides. We also offer root fertilization injections for your soil to bring back any minerals that might be lacking for your trees overall health. We will send a certified Arborist to your location and give you an evaluation assessment to get started.


Tree Removal

Tree removal is absolutely dangerous work and should only be done by a trained professional in the tree service industry. The equipment that is required to take down any type of tree could result in severe bodily injury not to exclude death. Champion Arbor Care has certify climbers to be able to combat any tree job on your property in a professional and safe manner. We consistently retrain our staff to make sure that they meet all OSHA and ISA requirements when it comes to doing work on your property. We have the right equipment, the proper training,  the experience and insurance to make sure that the job gets done right the first time! This bring you comfort without causing any damage to your property or long-term legalities. Choose the safe company Champion Arbor Care give us a call today.


Your complete tree service Irving company with state certified Master Arborist

TREE-CONSERVATION-300x195 Our tree conservation Service plans have an unparalleled value of work to ensure your trees are always in the best of health for future generations. You will find our tree conservation programs to be affordable and a voluble part to your landscape.

First of all what is tree conservation? Exactly what it says we put you on one of our programs to make sure that we can serve the life expectancy of any shrubs or trees on your property thus conserving the plantation.We do this in several different ways; first and most importantly is the first initial evaluation of your trees. Were we inspect the entire trees or shrubs from top to bottom to include crown and roots.. We look for signs of disease, improper growing patterns, root system growth, bark health, weathered branches and leaf foliage just to name a few.

We inspect closely to make sure that your trees don’t have insect infestations or a lack of minerals in the core of the tree and in your soil. This program identifies disease before it even starts and helps you to combat a proper game plan against unhealthy trees on your property.

This program is simple, affordable and is done twice a year once after spring and again in the fall. Our tree conservation program alone has help many North Texas residents and business owners save their trees.

If you would like more information on our tree conservation programs please give us a call today or fill out the instant quote form to the right of the page. One of our certified tree arborist or retune your call and answer all questions you might have concerning your trees. Most tree service Irving companies don’t offer a comprehensive tree program to save you money on the long run.

Local arborist Kevin shows how the Arbor jet system works so well on any tree to combat disease or mineral deficiencies. This is one of the best ways for your trees health to be brought back in a reasonable timeframe given you the benefits of protecting your trees to the best of our latest treat technology available today. Arbor jet injections are one of the leaders for conserving trees and bringing them back to good health. If your trees appear sick or treat disease is apparent get champion arbor care a call today to get a free estimate on what needs to be done to return back your trees Luster.

 What Champion Arbor Care offers?

tree trimming pruning

If you’re in the market for tree trimming or also known as pruning or tree surgery you should consider the facts. Most lawn care or tree service companies don’t operate under the supervision and care of an arborist! This practice spells disaster for the total outcome of your tree trimming job.

A certified Texas ISA arborist should be your only choice when it comes to performing this very delicate procedure on your trees. If the cuts are not made properly you can expose the inner part of your trees core to the elements leaving them at risk for tree disease that spread through a sap eating beetle. This could cause a decline in your trees overall health leaving you to pay for additional expensive tree treatments. We are the professional metroplex tree trimming company and have been providing real solutions when it comes to DFW Tree trimming for 25 years. Another thing to take in to consideration is only a tree arborist will know exactly where to make the cuts to stay away from the callers of the branches. This is extremely important because trees did not heal they seal and an improper cut in the caller area of the tree will cause the branch not to seal properly.

Most Tree services in Irving Texas do not have the proper training by the international Society of arboriculture to perform such delicate services using the right protocols that change yearly.

Rest assured that when you contract Champion Arbor Care we are sending an elite arborist in today’s market to survey, evaluate, and perform the job on your trees. This gives you the very best results in our industry and does not put your trees at any risk.

tREE-REMOVAL-CHAMPION-300x300Tree removal is dangerous work and should be left to the professionals to handle. Especially with any trees over 10 feet tall. Are certified climbers are equipped trained professionals to be able to climb any tree on your property without putting you at any risk.

Let us paint a picture for you: “height, chainsaws, and dangerous equipment”? Is it starting to paint the picture; yes you get the idea limbs falling to the ground unbalanced branches and chainsaws in one hand. The best thing to do to protect you from bodily injury is hire a professional tree company to take care of all this unusual work on your property.

Not just any company but an arbor care company one that not only knows how but has a certification to be able to perform the work in a safe manner without endangering your property, your family, pets and them selves!

Champion arbor care has been removing trees for the past 25 years and doing it in a very elite fashion. Not only do we remove trees from your property in a safe manner but we also hall off all the wood, leaves, debris, and anything associated with the job.

Our company is an elite tree service in Irving Texas and rest a sure that you will be in great hands not only with our safety protocols but also from our five star insurance coverage. Next time you’re in the market for   trees removal service from your property commercial or residential give champion Arbor care and opportunity to make you a lifelong customer.

Tree Disease

Tree disease is a serious matter and action should be taken quickly before your trees die or worst contaminate others in your property. When it comes to protecting your plantation from the elements choose Champion Arbor Care we have the best rating for combating tree disease!

Statistics show that in the past decade just in North Texas alone to include Dallas-Fort Worth more than 300,000 trees have died due to tree disease. In most cases urban trees can be protected and brought back to good health if you catch the disease in an early stage.

It’s imperative to always have a certified arborist visit your property at least twice a year to inspect the root system, branches, and leave foliage on your trees. This will be able to catch disease in an early stage where it can be treated and have a full remission saving the trees life.

Champion arbor care company has been in business for the past 25 years and has been able to save numerous trees from decimation.  In most cases simple injections of nutrients like magnesium, sulphur, nitrogen can be injected into the tree and bring the tree back to good health.

In others you might have an infestation of insects harbouring your tree and you will need injections with pesticides to be able to remove and eradicate these little critters that cause so much damage to your overall trees health. You should never trust a tree service company or lawn care company to treat your trees that don’t have a certified  tree doctor or better known as a arborist on staff.

When you call Champion arbor care we will send you the elite of arborist that we have in house to combat whatever disease is coming against your plantation! We will get soil samples to see if there’s a lack of nutrients within the soil or evaluate the compensation of the soil around the root flare base to see if there is problems.

Providing Arbor Care services in the following cities:

Allan, Frisco, Plano, Addison, Balch Spring,  Lewisville,  Springs, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Combine, Coppell, Dallas, DeSoto,  Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Garland, Grand Prairie, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Hutchins, Irving, Lancaster, Mesquite, Richardson, Rowlett, Sachse, Seagoville,
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State Certified by Texas – Master Arborist

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